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Pasquill, the leading UK supplier of roof trusses, has showcased the efficiency and sustainability of its timber frame extension in a recent Plymouth project – with the main frame completed in only two days. Designed for homeowners seeking eco-friendly and convenient expansion, the timber frame extension is a game-changer in the construction industry.

The project, completed earlier this year, involved extending an existing bungalow building with a new first floor and roof. Pasquill provided bespoke first-floor joists, timber frame wall panels and a roof, all precisely tailored to the existing building’s dimensions.

The lighter structure of the timber frame extension offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional building methods. With made-to-measure components, it also ensures a seamless fit for each project while allowing for quicker and more efficient construction.

Gavin Cuthbertson from A W Building Services, praised Pasquill’s team, saying: “The timber frame extension product is a great solution for home extensions, especially for clients who want a sustainable and eco-friendly option.”

Completed in just under 10 weeks, including the design manufacture and delivery of the timber components, the installation of the main frame itself took a mere two days, followed by the roof trusses.

The homeowner, who works for the NHS, made the decision to expand her home to accommodate her recently widowed mother. She shared her positive experience of the installation: “Although we’ve had four or five traditional brick and block extensions in the past, on the advice of our contractor we decided to go with the timber frame option. It’s been quicker, less messy, and far less disruptive than traditional construction methods.

“We’re hoping that as a more sustainable option, it would be warmer and require less maintenance in the long run. We’ve also used this as an opportunity to install solar panels. We are very happy with the result and I would definitely recommend timber frame extensions for their speed and efficiency. It was actually really exciting to see the extension come to life so quickly!” 

Chris Powell, Sales Director for Pasquill and Design Director for Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions, expressed his satisfaction with the project, highlighting the timber frame extension as a sustainable and efficient solution for home expansion, saying: “We are thrilled with how this project has turned out. Our timber frame extensions have proven to be a sustainable and efficient solution for expanding the home. The project was completed in such a short timeframe, and we were able to make all of the components to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for the existing home.”

With the success of this project, Pasquill is eager to continue offering its timber frame extension to clients seeking sustainable and eco-friendly home extension solutions. For more information, visit

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