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Pasquill Skylark House case study

Pasquill, the UK’s leading manufacturer of roof trusses and engineered timber solutions, has designed and manufactured a complex roof for a bespoke, C-shaped eco-house in the Scottish Highlands.

Services provided include consultation during planning and design, along with manufacture and delivery of JJI rafters, ancillary items and glulam beams for this impressive 460m2 home which includes three bedrooms, a swimming pool and panoramic views.

The project required a JJI mono pitched roof to create a modern and clean aesthetic. Pasquill was involved in the building’s design from the very early stages, providing guidance on the detailing, metalwork and further design considerations where required.

A 3D render of the roofing project was created to enable the client and their contractors to get a more tangible view of the roof. The image also enabled details for any web stiffeners and backing blocks to be clearly analysed.

In order to provide a cost-efficient solution for the client and speed up delivery, it was agreed that the JJI would be supplied uncut. Pasquill was on-hand to support the client throughout the entire duration of the build, and despite Covid-19 challenges it also managed to arrange a socially distanced site visit to meet with the client, project manager and joiners.

Pasquill’s senior designer, David McDonald commented: “It was great to be in involved in such a brilliant project. The collaboration between the whole team involved worked really well from the start and has resulted in stunning home in a stunning location.

Product highlights:

JJI roofs are still relatively uncommon in builds; they are manufactured to precise specifications using high grade solid timber flanges bonded to an OSB web.

The combination of JJI rafters and Glulam beams were the ideal solution for the unique shape and long span of dwelling design. The glued laminated timber provides an ultra-modern aesthetic and has an exceptional strength to weight ratio, while the JJI rafters are shrink and warp resistant and are compliant with Part E sound legislations.

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