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Pasquill’s Redhill design, manufacturing and delivery team recently collaborated with MiTek on a care home project that showcased their commitment to excellence. Despite challenges posed by the green belt site’s restrictions on developments and road access, the team was able to deliver high-quality trusses that met the customer’s requirements.

Working closely with MiTek, the Pasquill design team meticulously planned the manufacturing process with colleagues in operations to ensure that each truss was made with precision. The trusses had varying designs, each with different heights and specifications, which added to the complexity of the project. Additionally, the site’s environmental elements, such as steep hills, rough terrain, and waterways, presented their own set of challenges.

However, the team’s willingness to work together helped them overcome these obstacles. Through careful planning and preparation, they were able to deliver the trusses on time and in perfect condition. The project’s success is a testament to the skill and expertise of Pasquill’s team and their commitment to excellence.

Chris Powell, Pasquill Design Director, said: “As a team, we take pride in overcoming challenges and delivering quality solutions to our customers. This project was a great example of our commitment to precision engineering, careful planning, and delivering on time. We’re thrilled to have collaborated with MiTek Services on this fantastic care home project, and look forward to many more successful partnerships in the future.”

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