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Pasquill supply a glulam frame for the redevelopment of a school

Pasquill designed, supplied and project managed an interesting glulam frame for the new £20 million redevelopment of Skinners’ Kent Academy at Tunbridge Wells.

The frame is part of a circular structure, measuring approximately 1,200 sq metres, formed by the glulam beams configured in a series radiating from a central hub. Curved frames over part of the upper roof receive an ETFE (a fluorine based plastic) roof covering over the central atrium, whilst lower roof beams radiate against the development concrete superstructure. To overcome haulage restrictions some of the beams were supplied in two parts with a splice connection which was completed on site.

The glulam provided by Pasquill is European Whitewood with one coat of preservative, and all metalwork and bracing is galvanised mild steel. Glulam is manufactured from selected high grade timbers using small cross-sectional boards, finger jointed and laid up with the grain parallel to form larger cross sections and lengths. This configuration produces an exceptional strength to weight ratio suitable for long span load bearing structures combined with the aesthetic appeal of timber.

The modern and flexible design of the Academy redevelopment captures the establishment’s ambition to provide a 21st century learning environment that will reflect and raise the aspirations of the students and the wider community. Plans include an open air theatre and indoor theatrical space, gallery area, break out work spaces, demonstration and lecture theatre, improved sports facilities and an all-weather pitch, as well as a strong focus on outdoor learning with allotments, science ponds and a fusion garden.

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