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Harmony Timber Systems customer service

Harmony Timber Solutions was the sole supplier of roof trusses and metal web floor joists to a multiple phase project in Sevenoaks. It has been a key supplier to the main contractor and has worked with them on many sites of this magnitude in the past building up a working relationship based on good customer service. To date over half a million pounds of trusses and joists has been supplied to the site with a further four phases to go.

The site was secured based on Harmony’s swift design and manufacturing services on previously supplied projects for the client as time was paramount. Phase 3a (also known as the linear lock) proved to be the trickiest phase due to the whole phase being in effect a single block and each unit’s roof having an effect on the next. If that wasn’t enough, the blocks and ridges were then angled at various angles from 10° – 80°.

After various site meetings with the client, architects and engineers, a cost effective design was approved and the full £80,000 block was erected hassle free and ahead of schedule. Harmony’s ability to provide fast and accurate design information has enabled it to become a key supplier to the site and proves to be pivotal in securing a further £½ million project at a different site location for the same client.

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