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Pasquill Virtual Measuring

A new virtual site measuring service has been unveiled by Pasquill, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of roof trusses and engineered timber solutions.

Believed to be the first of its kind within the Roof Truss sector, the virtual measuring service has been developed over the past six months but launched sooner to make projects safer during Covid-19.

The service will allow customers to precisely complete the measuring for their existing roof, such as a cut roof, modified eaves and roof trusses, which are then designed to exacting specifications by Pasquill.

Virtual measurement, which has been rolled out to its customers across the UK, reduces the amount of people who need to come to site, thus minimising risk of transmission. Other benefits include a quicker turnaround time for quotes and a reduction in carbon emissions with no travel required to obtain the measurements.

How it works

Using the latest technology, a Pasquill technical support manager remotely conducts a site meeting, guiding the customer through the process. Videos and a visual guide have also been created to complement the service, walking users through the steps.

Once the customer has prepared their measurements, they are shared with a dedicated Pasquill technical designer, who will create a bespoke roof design, prior to it being manufactured and delivered.

Chris Powell, Sales Director, at Pasquill, said: “We really think this is a fantastic service that a great many of our customers will take advantage of, particularly while social distancing is so vital.

“We put a lot of resources into research and development, especially when it comes to new and exciting technologies, and now everyone involved in Pasquill projects will be able to reap the reward.”

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