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Pasquill, a leading provider of roof trusses and floor joists is supporting the renovation of the historical 61 Whitehall building, home to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) since 1831, using its Posi-Joist system to complete the installation in just four weeks.

Situated close to Downing Street, 61 Whitehall is now undergoing redevelopment works after several years of neglect. Blou Construction is leading the project to restore the landmark building and its original features; as part of the restoration, additional changes are also being made to the interior to accommodate larger numbers of governmental and professional bodies, as well as the general public.

One key aspect of the project is the redevelopment and extension of the upper floors; this is where Blou Construction required Pasquill’s expertise and products. On the fourth floor, there is a curved wall of 10.3Metre in diameter. The depth of the joists in this area is 202mm. One of the challenges in supporting this unique area of the building was finding the right joists to be supported within the steel frame, and due to the changes in diameter, standard length joists were not feasible.

Pasquill provided its Posi-Joists to support the curved ceiling, each of which varied in length to accommodate the curved frame and varying changes in span across the roof.

Due to the location of 61 Whitehall, product delivery had to be carefully arranged as the site operates heightened security procedures and protocols.

Additional redevelopment works at 61 Whitehall include the installation of a state-of-the-art conference room and media rooms, and further extensions and redesigns of spaces across each floor to accommodate more guests. Works are set to continue for a further six months, with the grand opening due in early 2023.

Project testimonials

Dave Parott, Construction Manager at Blou Construction, said:

“As a renowned landmark in London, the renovation of 61 Whitehall is a challenging and unique task. Balancing general renovation works with construction and expansion meant that timings and logistics must be precise.

“We were faced with a tight deadline for the redevelopment of the upper floors, and we have been very impressed with the timeliness and quality of Pasquill’s solutions and service. Due to the nature of the curved ceiling, we needed a robust yet flexible solution that was simple to install; Pasquill’s Posi-Joists were definitely the optimum system to ensure the support we needed.”

Phil Hart, Senior Designer at Pasquill, said:

“One of the core challenges on this project was providing the right solution to support the curved structure. We worked closely with Blou Construction to ensure the correct Posi-Joists were designed to a high specification and able to withstand the intended high load from the floor above.

“A further challenge was the timescales. From initial contact through to installation on site, we had four weeks to interrogate the building plans, design the solution and deliver all products to site. We’re very proud to say that we surpassed the customer and client expectations.”

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