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Robinson Manufacturing Penrose Park

Penrose Park Biggleswade is a collection of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes (66 units in all including garages) on the leafy outskirts of Biggleswade, deep in the heart of picturesque Bedfordshire, under construction by Martin Grant Homes.

Robinson Manufacturing has been working with Martin Grant Homes for many years on joists, and Phase 3 of Penrose Park is the first time it has supplied roof trusses to the company.

The housebuilder has a high-level specification on joists with a reduced deflection limit and restraint type hangers that ensures a quality solution. Working closely with its technical team, Robinson has been able to add value to the project by suggesting changes to a house type to move from a separate second floor with trusses on beams to a complete attic truss solution, which the design team used to create additional floor space.

It has ensured trusses are delivered in one piece where possible, even on challenging tall attics. It has also liaised closely with the site manager on design works and delivery schedules.

Value engineering is one of the particular skills of the design team at Robinson Manufacturing. As a centre of excellence, the team will always consider a range of solutions to ensure the client is able to offer the very best value to home-buyers.

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