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Recently, Quinn Building Supplies (QBS) has been working closely with ITW Construction Products (ITW CP) Gang-Nail design teams on this project which commenced late last year. Now half way through the project phase, QBS has used 2,124 trusses to date ranging from fink, mono, kingpost and attic. Once the new main school building has been completed, work will commence on the separate pavilion building and sports field which will require an additional 250-300 trusses.

Fearghus Quinn, Structural Engineer, said:

“We feel this project showcases our ability as a company to work effectively to supply large and complex projects. It is relatively rare for large projects of this scale or value to feature a timber truss roof.

“We would hope this project serves to showcase how trusses are a cost effective and sustainable solution for roofing large buildings. Increased use of trusses on large projects would benefit not just ourselves as a company, but the truss rafter and timber engineering industry as a whole and offer significant cost savings to clients and contractors alike.”

The trusses provided for this build have been created using the Gang-Nail punched metal connectors and the Gang-Nail Roof and Truss software suite. Quinn comments:

“The software is designed to give a clear 3D visual and overview of the trusses sitting on walls and helps eliminate incorrect truss profiling and positioning, which results in more productivity versus costs.

“The help and support from ITW CP has been invaluable throughout. A special mention goes to the Gang-Nail design office team. They completed the design of the whole roof at tender stage for us. Without that, we simply wouldn’t have been able to get an accurate picture of the costs involved and submit the competitive tender which led to us being awarded the job”.

For your next roof truss project, contact QBS for a quotation or +44(0)2886737655), or to understand more about how ITW CP can assist your business contact Trudi Stewart or call us on +44 (0)1592 771132.

Quinn Building Supplies (QBS) has been manufacturing and supplying Gang-Nail designed and plated trusses for over 25 years. QBS prides itself on delivering high levels of service to its customers through excellence in design and value engineering. This is achieved by adopting a collaborative and innovative approach to design and continuously investing in the most advanced manufacturing equipment to provide the highest quality products on short lead times of just 5-7 days.

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