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Whether you’re just embarking on a career in timber engineering or have several years of experience under your belt, through our designer development programme, you’ll be able to follow structured training in both roof and floor design.

The Designer Development Programme offers trainee trussed rafter and metal web floor designers a professional scheme to prove their knowledge and experience and put theory into practice.

The programme has seven levels and is devised around completion of evidence books in which trainee designers must show their experience in five roof design scenarios.

Each set of five books is expected to take around six months to a year to complete, giving the trainees chance to encounter real-life design briefs in real-time. They must show their awareness of commercial and technical aspects of the projects and include knowledge of safety, efficiency, and best practice.

“The books are interactive and link you to helpful notes at the back which play a really big part in your understanding. The books are easy to navigate and it’s straight forward uploading your designs.” Leah Walters, Donaldson Timber, DDP level one graduate

The programme offers the next generation of trussed rafter and metal web floor designers a structured programme for their development and will provide them with a series of certificates and evidence books to show their progress and experience gained.

Members who wish to register candidates on the designer development programme are asked to download the candidate registration form below, complete the details for the candidate and your chosen in-house company assessor, then return the completed form to Nick Boulton at

For more detailed information on the programme download the Assessment Guidelines below.

Fees The first levels of the DDP are free. For the higher levels of the course, there’s a small fee for external assessment.

“I’m more commercially aware since being on the DDP. The workbooks remind you to consider the viability, saleability and the manufacturing side of your designs. And of course, really importantly, about the logistics – can it be delivered?” Jenni Bunny, ETS Trusses, DDP level one graduate

Designer Development Programme Registration Form


Designer Training Assessment Guidelines


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