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The products and technology used so successfully in metal web joists for floor construction can also be employed for metal web rafters in a trussed roof design.

Metal web rafters (also known as steel roof trusses) offer the specifier and contractor unique benefits compared to other methods of roof construction:

  • Supplied as individual rafters or as part of a prefabricated roof cassette
  • Light weight of individual rafters allows for easier handling of the product on site
  • Roof cassettes allow for speedy construction of the roof structure, ensuring the building is weather tight as quickly as possible
  • Span large distances without the need for additional intermediate supports
  • Ideal for making the best use of available space to achieve impressive clear span vaulted ceilings

The depth of the metal web rafters also creates deep insulation voids to maximise the thermal efficiency of the roof, and the flexibility of construction allows insulation to be added either at the time of manufacture in the factory or, alternatively, on site.

The voids also allow different types of insulation to be used including mineral wool quilt, rigid insulation board or mechanically blown insulation.

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