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The TRA welcomes all companies involved in the trussed rafter or metal web joists industries. There are several membership categories including:

  • Trussed rafter manufacturers
  • Metal web joist manufacturers
  • Supplier members
  • Installers


  • Eligibility

    TRA membership is open to all organisations involved with or interested in trussed rafter roofs and metal web joists including, but not exclusively, the metal plate systems, manufacturers, roof designers, and suppliers of goods or services to the industry. Membership is also open to trade associations and other recognised bodies with links to the trussed rafter industry.

  • Are there any requirements?

    The TRA is committed to stringent standards of quality and service and therefore requires all its manufacturing members to have and maintain a third-party Quality Assurance System in place and to have Professional Indemnity Insurance of at least £1million. (These requirements may vary for other categories of membership). If you already have these in place we can quickly arrange membership. Just fill in the form here or contact the TRA office at the address below.

  • What if I don’t have a QA Certificate?

    Applicants who do not have a QA system in place may be considered for probationary membership for a maximum of 12 months to allow them to implement the requirements of the scheme. To help prospective members the TRA can provide a Quality Assurance Starter Pack including template Quality Manual, guidance and a half day initial visit. Additional help can be provided by further half or full day visits, according to need.

  • What if I don’t have Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance?

    Any member carrying out a design role needs to have PI Insurance in place. Competitive rates are available to TRA members from the TRA’s preferred broker. Please note that all manufacturers must have their own PI Insurance in place and not rely on that provided by the systems. Product Liability insurance is not acceptable in place of PI insurance.

  • How much does it cost?

    A schedule of fees is available on request from the TRA office. Costs are based on the type of membership and number of manufacturing sites.

How to buy?

It couldn’t be easier to buy a trussed roof or metal web joist system to meet your exact specification. Reputable manufacturers are members of the TRA.

When you choose a TRA member, you get peace of mind knowing they have been vetted and approved by the industry’s leading professional association.

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