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Net Zero – and why it matters to your business

According to the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy, the built environment accounts for 40% of the UK’s annual carbon footprint.

On 12 June 2019, the Climate Change Act 2008 was amended to introduce a target for all new buildings to be net zero carbon by 2030 and all existing ones by 2050.

Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases and emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Net zero is achieved when the amount we add is less than amount removed.

Why is Net Zero important?

Achieving Net Zero is the best way to tackle climate change as it means reducing global warming. Our actions today and over the next decade will be critical to the future. Every country, every industry, every business and every household need to work together to reduce the production of carbon.

Thankfully timber is an ultra low-carbon construction product, so we must do more to communicate how timber can be used by housebuilders and others to reach Net Zero for a more sustainable future.

But we also need to decarbonise our businesses, as the design, manufacture and distribution of timber engineered products produces carbon emissions too.

What does Net Zero mean to you?

Quite apart from their personal values and desire to promote green construction, for many TRA members, making a commitment to reach Net Zero is particularly important to help attract the next generation of workers into this industry. Environmental sustainability is an issue of paramount significance to many young people today.

Achieving Net Zero also offers opportunities for investment and innovation – according to Lloyds Bank, two-thirds of SMEs view the move to a greener economy not just as a challenge to be met, but as a positive opportunity for growth.

How can you start your journey to Net Zero?

The TRA is supporting its members in their journey to Net Zero. Over the coming months, the TRA is publishing advice and practical guidance for members, including tips on how to:

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Are you a timber engineering business? Take part today in the important work by Timber Development UK to establish a roadmap, create industry benchmarking and set out industry standards and guidance on Net Zero


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