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  • Why should I use trussed rafters?

    When you build with trussed rafters the sky is the limit. Trussed rafters can be used on a wide range of building types including timber frame, masonry and steel frame. From circular roofs to curved roofscapes, TRA members have the design expertise and the right equipment to produce the design solutions your project needs.

    Trussed rafters are designed to your exact specifications, fabricated in a factory-controlled environment, and then delivered to you, saving you time, effort and money. No matter how complex your roof design, TRA members can develop a truss to support it.

  • What timber is used in the manufacture of trussed rafters?

    The timber used varies from supplier to supplier. However, all TRA members commit to only using timber that has been responsibly sourced from sustainable sources certified by either the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

  • How much do trussed rafters cost?

    There is no set price for trussed rafters as this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and there are many variables, such as rafter size, that can affect the cost.

    We recommend you contact your local TRA member who will be happy to give you a custom quote for your precise requirements.

  • I need to compare trussed rafter quotes. How can I be sure I am comparing ‘like with like’?

    No one likes hidden extras. When you ask a TRA member for a quote, they will prepare a detailed, itemised quotation listing all the items that you require for your project. Typically , this will include all roof trusses, the required stability bracing, timber to timber metalwork and all structural loose timber above the wallplate.

  • What are metal web joists?

    Metal web joists are engineered structural beams that combine structural timber with high strength steel webs to form a lightweight, structural beam for use in a range of floor or wall applications. Metal web joists (also known as Open Web Joists, and often sold under brand names such as Posi Joist, easi-Joist and Eco Joist), provide huge benefits – read more here.

How to buy?

It couldn’t be easier to buy a trussed roof or metal web joist system to meet your exact specification. Reputable manufacturers are members of the TRA.

When you choose a TRA member, you get peace of mind knowing they have been vetted and approved by the industry’s leading professional association.

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