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Membership of the TRA is a mark of quality that tells your customers they can buy with confidence, secure in the knowledge that TRA members consistently meet recognised professional standards.

TRA membership is open to all organisations involved with or interested in trussed rafter roofs and metal web joists including the metal plate systems, manufacturers, roof designers, and suppliers of goods or services to the industry. Membership is also open to trade associations and other established bodies with links to the trussed rafter industry.

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A schedule of membership fees is available on request from the TRA office. Costs are based on the type of membership and number of manufacturing sites. Please contact us to check eligibility or find out more.

Benefits of TRA membership

Up-to-date knowledge
The TRA keeps members ahead of the latest requirements and developments by participating in the drafting of all relevant national and European codes and standards, speaking on behalf of the industry to ensure they will be workable in practice.

The TRA’s dedicated Technical and H&S committees are involved in all major regulation and decision-making forums including the NHBC, BRE, TRADA and the HSE. Membership puts you at the heart of the industry and enables you to know about changes that might affect your business.

The TRA provides a forum for members to discuss issues of common interest, sharing their experience and finding solutions to common problems, which many members cite as a major benefit.

Free technical support
A multi-disciplined technical group keeps members updated with developments via the TRA technical handbook, a comprehensive range of product data sheets to support the use and specification of trussed rafters, a series of technical bulletins, monthly newsletters and regional meetings.

Health and safety support
Access to a raft of guidance documents including risk assessment templates.

Regular training sessions, seminars and online training courses aimed at designers are run to ensure members are conversant with the latest regulation changes.

Sales leads
Membership guarantees promotion of your business on the highly ranked TRA website, with links to your own website, effectively guiding sales leads to your business. The easy-to-use website has a search facility to allow clients to locate a manufacturer or installer in their area.

Free publicity
TRA press releases and project case studies are sent to influential trade journals and magazines to support the industry.

Marketing support
Access to an excellent portfolio of professionally designed promotional material, including TRA publications which can be branded with your own company details and logo.

Credibility in the marketplace
Use of the official TRA logo gives clients confidence.

Support with QA accreditation
Help with QA accreditation is available with a package of economical, easy to access measures including a Quality Manual template and consultancy advice from people who understand your business and will help you achieve certification.

Business protection
The TRA has a form of Collateral Warranty, approved by its insurers, for you to use to protect your interests.

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How to buy?

It couldn’t be easier to buy a trussed roof or metal web joist system to meet your exact specification. Reputable manufacturers are members of the TRA.

When you choose a TRA member, you get peace of mind knowing they have been vetted and approved by the industry’s leading professional association.

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