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With the ever-present need to optimise space in our homes, room in roof or attic trusses can provide valuable additional living areas within the roof space.

A large proportion of all trussed rafters produced are now room in roof or attic trusses, which offer up to 65% more living space. These use a method of construction that has been in common use for over 40 years – a simple, tried and tested means of providing the structural roof and floor in the same component.

  • No restrictions on lower floor layouts since the trusses can clear span on to external walls
  • Greater spans and room widths can be achieved by utilising internal loadbearing walls
  • Room in roof trussed rafters are computer designed and factory assembled units for better quality control
  • Eliminates the need for complex, labour-intensive on-site joinery
  • Room in roof trussed rafters can be installed quickly, resulting in a weathertight shell and saving on costs
  • Freedom to plan the room layout within the roof space
  • A complete structure is provided, ready to receive roof finishes, plaster board and floorboarding.

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