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Are you prepared for Brexit?

10th September 2019

If the UK leave the EU without a deal on 31 October or any future date, then manufacturers need to be aware that from that date, certain changes will be legally necessary in the CE marking of construction products including trussed rafters and metal web joists (MWJ).

These changes relate to UK Notified Bodies like BMTRADA or CATG and will require UK manufacturers to choose whether to maintain their CE marking or move to a new UK Accreditation mark.

Members should contact their UK Notified Body to discuss the options available.

The UK Government is committed to retaining the accreditation system currently provided by CE marking which ensures the safety and performance of construction products. To this end they have created UK law which provides continuity and comes into force when the UK exits the EU. This means there will be no option to simply cease accreditation marking for construction products.

Summary of critical points:

  • Changes only apply to trusses and MWJ manufactured after exit date
  • Both CE and UK marked products will be accepted on the UK market
  • Trussed rafters or MWJ exported to Ireland must be correctly CE marked
  • UK based Notified Bodies will no longer be able to support CE marking
  • UK based Notified Bodies will automatically become UK Accreditation Bodies
  • Trussed rafters/ MWJ placed on the UK market will still legally require an accreditation mark
  • UK manufacturers can choose CE marking or the new UK Accreditation mark.
  • Manufacturers must transfer away from current UK Notified Body to continue CE marking
  • Transfers between Notified Bodies will require a change of reference number within the CE mark and accompanying documents
  • Manufacturers must change the CE logo to start using new UK Accreditation mark.

For more information visit:

For more information about the new UK Accreditation mark, including samples, visit:


The exact details of border arrangements between the UK and Ireland are yet to be finalised, but Building control authorities In Ireland have issued information about correct CE marking which can be found here:

Should members ever need to make a customs declaration for cross border movement of trussed rafters or MWJ, the relevant customs code is 44 18 60 00 00 and this code has an MFN of 0%, which means declarations should remain duty free for movements in either direction across the UK / EU border.

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