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Brexit – keep calm and carry on

31st January 2019
Brexit – keep calm and carry on

Brexit Day is fast approaching and with so much talk about deals, no deals, delays and backstops, it is easy to become paralysed with the uncertainty.

In fact, the UK is apparently so intrigued with the Brexit situation that, out of a third of adults surveyed, 71% said they are following more news items just to keep up with the ever-changing scenario.

Nick Boulton, chief executive of the TRA, says:

“I think we would be wise to take the long view. Homes and other buildings still need to be built, timber is still going to come into the country and metal manufacturers are still going to produce plates, so trussed rafters can be manufactured to meet this demand.

“Clearly, the best approach is to plan as much as is feasibly possible. The main area to focus on is the movement of goods. Should there be a no deal then customs declarations will need to be completed. Many members will remember the days when this used to happen anyway, so they know how to handle this situation.

“The UK is implementing a new electronic Customs Declaration System (CDS) this year which will provide customs information for all import/export businesses. As there are changes to the trade tariff you may need to provide different information than you do currently when it comes to declarations.

“Changes are also expected to Duty Deferment, Flexible Accounting System, and how to get an EORI number.”

To find out more about what you may need to put in place, click here. In the meantime, we believe it’s business as usual for the trussed rafter industry. We will continue to keep you updated with any relevant advice.

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