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Call for Data for Timber Industry Net Zero Project

26th July 2022

The timber industry, led by Timber Development UK (TDUK) is embarking on an industry-wide project to guide all members along the road to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. To help us all truly understand our own organisation’s emissions and how to reduce them, TDUK has enlisted the help of energy consultant, Energise which has put together an action plan.

Members should already have access to the briefing document and request for data through TDUK and we urge you to complete the spreadsheets and submit your data as soon as possible. The clock is ticking and we as an industry really need to do all we can to halt the devastating effect of climate change.

The information requested is vital if we are going to understand what impact our operations have and find ways in which to reduce the amount of carbon we create. By taking part you will be able to form your own plan and will be contributing to an industry-wide movement to really make a change for the better, whilst probably saving your business money.

The aims of the project are to establish a roadmap, create industry benchmarking and set out industry standards and guidance. This is why we need every TRA member to contribute.

Charlie Law, sustainability director at TDUK says the first thing you need to think about is understanding your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. He says: “Members are being asked for general information about their company then to provide data within the three scopes.  Scope 1 looks at the energy we use to operate our business facilities including electricity, gas, heating oil, and LPG. This scope also includes the fuel and mileage used by our fleet vehicles and asks us to record any refrigerant and fluorinated gases.

“Scope 2 includes our purchased electricity for heat, cooling or steam and the costs per kWh. In this scope we also need to include any self-generated electricity from solar panels or wind turbines etc.

“Scope 3 includes business travel on all modes of transport and the costs per mile. This scope also includes your business’s grey fleet (employee cars on business) their mileage, the amount and cost of that fuel and commuting (mileage). Scope 3 covers the amount spent on purchased goods and services, capital goods and waste (tonnes), water (m3), and both upstream and downstream transport.

“There’s lots to consider but once we have all our members’ information, we can move on to the next stage which will be to identify opportunities to reduce carbon.”

If you haven’t yet submitted your data, please do so as soon as possible. If you have any queries about the questionnaire please contact an Energise consultant by emailing or calling 01480 220280.

Click here for the data collection form.

Click here to access a recording of the Net Zero Roadmap Data Collection Workshop to help you complete your form.


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