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Guidance for preparing for a ‘no deal’ Brexit

6th November 2018

The UK Government has issued information for businesses on how to prepare for a scenario in which the UK leaves the EU without agreement – a ‘no deal’ scenario.

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is classified as a new approach regulation and so the following information comes from the government guidance paper Trading goods regulated under the ‘New Approach’ if there’s no Brexit deal

A critical statement within this Government guidance is:

“Products that meet EU requirements can continue to be placed on the UK market without any need for retesting or re-marking, including where they have demonstrated compliance with EU requirements after exit day.”

This means that as a UK manufacturer of trussed rafters and metal web joists or as an importer placing CE marked goods for construction on the UK market, your business can in either scenario, continue to operate legally without meaningful change.

Members are advised to check with their notified body to confirm they have the necessary arrangements in place.

As a consequence of leaving the EU, there will be longer term changes because the UK will no longer be able to participate in the EU structures developed for implementation of the CPR. This means to pursue the stated objective of frictionless trade, the UK is developing a parallel system in which:

  • The Construction Products Regulation will become UK law.
  • Existing harmonised standards such as  EN 14250 for Trussed Rafters (used to demonstrate conformity with EU essential requirements) will become UK designated standards, used to demonstrate conformity with UK essential requirements. On exiting the EU, these will be identical to EU essential requirements.
  • Notified bodies based in the UK will be granted new UK approved body status and listed on a new UK database.
  • Approved bodies will be able to assess products for the UK market against UK essential requirements. On exiting the EU in a no deal scenario, this will be identical to EU essential requirements.
  • A new UK conformity mark is being developed by the UK government for manufacturers selling goods in the UK market and will be fixed to the product before placing in  the UK market.


For UK manufacturers wishing to export and place CE marked goods for construction on the EU market, your business can, in the event of a deal or a no deal scenario, continue to operate legally provided the notified body you are using is registered in an EU member state or has a partnership arrangement with such a body.

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