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Health & safety briefing – Spandrel lifting without crane

30th June 2022

Divisional operations manager, Gordon Bache, along with his team at National Timber Systems, have developed a spandrel lifting cradle process designed to eliminate safety risks when lifting, turning and loading without the need for an overhead crane.

Gordon explains: “The process allows loaders to load spandrels safely onto outbound HGVs, without risk of lifting straps on bare forks. Using this system, without a clasped hook fork attachment means that the straps can be released without the need for a driver to climb onto the bed of vehicle.

“Using a 4-way FLT, panels can be turned in manufacture safely without the requirement for overhead cranes or any manual handling.

“Spandrels/panels are transported out of factory doors, onto holding racks and onto vehicles using a strap-in-strap design using short strap lifts for factory movement and loading, and long straps to ensure access from the bed of vehicle. The use of a telescopic pole enables straps to be released from the floor, the driver will then ensure that the long straps are accessible for site offload.

“This totally removes the need for the driver to access the bed of vehicle on a customer’s site.”

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