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Health surveillance in construction

16th April 2019

At ELAS Occupational Health, we provide a comprehensive onsite health surveillance service to thousands of companies, and one of the most important sectors for this is the construction industry. These health checks may be required by law for employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dust and more.

Although there has been a general trend of improvement in health and safety practices in the construction sector, there is little room for complacency; the construction site poses a great number of possible risks both in construction and operation. The HSE records that in the period 2016/17 there were 679,116 non-fatal injuries in the workplace, while 137 workers were killed at work.

Management of health and safety risks on a construction project often poses a thorough challenge, and one that requires management to assess each risk as though they were a life and death situation. With one of the largest fleets of mobile medical units, ELAS is able to bring its health surveillance services directly to your door, which will allow you to concentrate on the success of your company.

Our health surveillance team consists of physicians, nurses and technicians who are here to help you carry out your legal duty of care to your employees. The law states that health surveillance is needed for some employees depending upon their risk of exposure to issues like noise, asbestos or dust.

Our team of occupational health technicians travel the length and breadth of the country, bringing our full library of health surveillance services directly to your door, limiting the disruption to your working day and working around your business needs.

Techniques should be used to establish a baseline as part of a pre-employment medical. The employer should identify if a potential employee has existing conditions such as asthma or dermatitis that could be aggravated by their potential work activities such as contact with sensitizers or has an identifiable pre-existing level of hearing loss or respiratory problem.

What’s more, our mobile medical units come with no hidden costs. All our services come at an agreed fixed rate with no additional charge for mileage, travel or accommodation meaning no nasty surprises on the day. Simply let us know how many employees you have, what tests they need and when you would like the testing and we will do the rest.

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