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Important clarification on spandrel panels from the TRA

26th October 2018

The Government is in the process of assessing risks from non-ACM (aluminium composite material) cladding, as it widens the scope of its investigations following the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The news emerged in an advice note issued yesterday (17 October) by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) for owners of buildings over 18m, which include spandrel panels, window panels and infill panels.

The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) feels it is important to clarify that in this regard, the spandrel panels within the scope of the Government’s investigation are part of a building’s external facade forming the panel(s) of a wall located between vision areas of windows, which conceal structural columns floors and shear walls. In this context the term spandrel panel is typically employed when there is a sculpted panel or other decorative element in this space, or when the space between the windows is filled with opaque or translucent glass, in this case called spandrel glass.

We feel it is important to emphasise that the type of party wall spandrel panels manufactured by TRA members for low rise domestic housing and commercial premises are not subject to any form of government investigation.

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