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Ireland battens down on new roof standards

14th December 2017
Ireland battens down on new standards for roof battens

Changes to slating and tiling guidelines in Ireland highlights a substantial change for roof battens as they are now required to be strength graded.

On 1 January 2018, the Standard Recommendation 82:2017 slating and tiling code of practice (S.R. 82) will formally replace Irish Code of Practice 2:2002 slating and tiling. The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) in Ireland is notifying its members that a comprehensive quality check will no longer suffice for roof battens.

Another change in the new guidance includes the requirement for S.R. 82 to be specified on all relevant drawings.

Alan Armstrong, TRA Ireland chairman, said:

“Currently, standards don’t adequately deal with visual grading for small timber sections. But we’ve been advised that machine graded and CE Marked roof battens are already out there, in a variety of sizes, which meet the European Standard EN 14081 and provide buyers and certifiers with evidence of compliance.”

These battens can be bought in sufficient quantities to ensure continuity of supply in the Irish market, although initially the available dimensions may be larger than the minimum specified in SR. 82.

TRA Ireland will issue further guidance to its members as further batten sizes become available.

The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) represents over 65% of the trussed rafter and metal web joist industry in the UK and Ireland. Members include the principal manufacturers of trussed rafters, metal web joists, suppliers and professionals involved in roof truss and engineered wood floor joist design and manufacture.

The TRA offers advice and guidance on technical, training and health and safety. It collaborates with key organisations in the housebuilding industry to raise standards and advise housebuilders on trussed rafters and related products.

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