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Quest for the perfect bridge design

2nd October 2023
AutoCAD image of a laser quest bridge

It is a nod to your expertise when a former client requests to work with you again on a new project. This is what happened to Richard Griffiths from Minera Roof Trusses when he was approached by a former client for his second Laser Quest project.

The brief comprised of “creating a fun and immersive environment in a relatively limited space by designing two ramped areas for players to move around”. Leveraging the existing working bond and understanding of the level of detail involved in Laser Quest’s first project, Richard took the challenge on a project that exceeded the client’s requirements and benefitted the Laser Quest site’s end users.

Bringing the design to life

During the design process, the client travelled to Minera Roof Trusses where he and Richard spent a great deal of time considering the design elements to achieve the perfect solution. The client could see the project come to life before production began.

Determining the optimal placement

According to Richard, during the design phase, he had to determine the optimum placement of the supporting floor trusses to stop the movement and rotation when the players would be moving above the space joists.

On this project, Richard was presented with the challenge of tackling the constraints of relatively limited space to utilise metal web joists capable of carrying high imposed loads strategically positioned on top of flat roof trusses. It was then later decided that the areas were to be joined with a ramp inclining, a flat area, and a declining. Stubbed mono trusses with guard rails in one piece were required for this section.

The unconventional design presented an exciting and enjoyable experience for Richard, as he was determined to design a complete timber solution for the client and took great joy in witnessing the project come to life from beginning to end. Richard said his favourite part of the project was “seeing the areas seamlessly integrate” as he eagerly awaited the installation phase to observe the final outcome in action.

The successful completion of this project further exemplified Minera’s commitment to excellence and its ability to meet unique design requirements.

Richard’s design at the TRA’s Roofscape Design Award was highly commended by the judges. The judge’s commented that the design was:

“Unusual and innovative use of trussed rafter technology. Not strictly a roofscape but an excellent illustration of how to push the boundaries of where trussed rafters and metal web can be used. It showed how to use a mix of our engineered products to provide a comprehensive design solution – thinking outside the box.”

About Richard

Richard has been an integral part of Minera Roof Trusses since 1994, when he joined as a junior designer. Over the years, he has evolved within the company, assuming the responsibilities of an IT Manager and software writer.

His IT skills played a pivotal role for Minera Roof Trusses, thanks to his strong interest in computing from a very early age. Richard’s passion for computing and extensive programming knowledge have made him a valuable asset to Minera Roof Trusses.

Since then, Richard has been promoted to Production Manager at Minera Roof Trusses, where he is responsible for providing vital quality assurance and checking every job before it goes onto the factory wall for manufacture. This is an important part of Richard’s role as he is able to see the creative design from his colleagues and conduct quality assurance checks that are included in their client’s site pack.

Like many students, Richard struggled to find work after leaving college, but the light at the end of the tunnel came when an advert by Minera Roof Trusses appeared in the Evening Leader for a designer vacancy. Having read the requirements, he believed his studies in pure and statistical mathematics, design technology alongside computing, and electronics would make him the ideal candidate for the role.

His father was an engineering draughtsman at Brymbo Steel, so it wasn’t a surprise for him to be drawn to the industry. Having received a highly commended design meant a great deal to Richard.

“It’s a huge compliment to receive an acknowledgement from the industry that I’ve loved and worked in for many years. Thank you to the judges at the Trussed Rafter Association.

“After 28 years of doing this, winning an award for a project I thoroughly enjoyed is wonderful. I hope it won’t be my last – watch this space.”

Richard recalls his first day at Minera Roof Trusses “A green screened 386 PC running Gangnail Concept 2000, and drawing truss layouts by hand on a copied architect’s A0 plan. Many things have changed over the years. I am proud to see how far we’ve come from all those years ago.”







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