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Save the dates for the upcoming regional meetings

23rd April 2024

The TRA regional chairs have announced a schedule of upcoming regional meetings for 2024.

The regional meetings will cover various important topics for Trussed Rafter Businesses such as current demand, recruitment, design, marketing, emerging technical issues, and health and safety.

Dates for the upcoming meetings are as follows:

  • 23 May – Southwest in Bristol
  • 5 June – Ireland Booking soon
  • 2 July – Northern venue to TBC
  • 1 October – West Midlands venue to TBC

Attending these meetings is an excellent way to network with peers and engage in discussions about industry-related matters. Meetings are primarily targeted at manufacturing members and are also greatly beneficial for newcomers and younger professionals in the industry.

If you wish to speak at any of these meetings or have specific topics you think should be covered, please contact Nick Boulton at

Booking link to the Southwest region in Bristol can be made by clicking here.

Additional booking links for the rest of the meetings will be provided in due course.

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