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Taking the first step in becoming carbon neutral

29th September 2023

Scotts Timber Engineering, a member of the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), has recently achieved a Carbon Footprinting certification from Go Climate Positive, a provider of carbon management and offsetting services.

They are the only timber engineering business to receive a Go Climate Positive certification and has been found to be achieving a third less carbon intensity than others in its industry.

Scotts has been working with sustainably sourced, PEFC-certified wood and promoting more use of timber in construction and the built environment is a sure way of boosting their green credentials; however, James Scott, managing director of the Scotts Group admits, this is just the beginning, and there is still room for improvements.

“Going through this process of certification has taken a lot of time and attention to detail to truly understand where the main carbon impacts are in our business. The great news is timber is the only truly renewable building material, and for every tonne of timber used in our buildings instead of concrete, another two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are saved.

“The bad news is that we still generate a net carbon footprint of over 6,000 tonnes of carbon a year, so we need to find new ways to reduce that further.”

To further reduce their carbon emissions, Scotts has developed a carbon reduction plan with specific targets and actions. This plan aims to lower the level of emissions produced by the company.

Welcoming the news from Scotts, TRA chief executive Nick Boulton said,

“Scotts is a great example of businesses being proactive in reducing its carbon emissions. The first step is always challenging and requires a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the business to identify carbon hotspots. I would encourage TRA members to consider making a start at getting your green credentials.”

You can see Scotts’ full Carbon Footprint Report here. For members looking for more information on getting their green credentials, visit our communicating your green credentials blog.




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