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TRA awarded ‘Relevant Authority’ status for BIM

11th October 2017
The TRA has been awarded 'Relevant Authority' status for BIM by the Construction Products Association

The TRA has been granted ‘Relevant Authority’ status by the Construction Products Association (CPA) to ensure that trussed rafters and metal web joists are consistently represented in Building Information Modelling (BIM) models, regardless of the design software in which they originate.

This means that as a trade body the TRA is the recognised authority for specifying the data that is relevant for its members’ products.

The industry software suppliers have agreed the consistent data set for trussed rafters and metal web joists and are now awaiting the launch of the CPA LEXiCON tool which will be the method used to deliver the product data in an industry common language.

TRA members have been modelling engineered 3D timber products using advanced software systems for over a decade. The challenge for the TRA has been to establish a consistent way for its members to collaborate with the construction sector across a range of different software platforms.

The TRA is committed to aiding an improved supply chain collaboration in the construction industry which includes ensuring BIM support in the UK and Irish trussed rafter industry.

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