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TRA Designer Development Programme for metal web joists

26th July 2022
Close up of metal web joist

Following on from the members vote at the TRA AGM, work has started on the new metal web Designer Development Programme (DDP) with the first meeting taking place on 12 July.

Progress was made in defining the basic structure of the programme which will follow the model the TRA already has for trussed rafters. This starts with an on-line introductory course, followed by four levels reflecting the increasing complexity of the design assignments that a trainee designer will face. Each of these four levels is divided into the following critical sections:

  • Information gathering
  • Basis for design phase
  • Truss design stage
  • Post design phase

In-house assessors will oversee these foundation levels using a standard assessor matrix for each.

Nick Boulton, chief executive of the TRA said the split between metal web joists used in floors and those used for roofs prompted a strong debate: “Members have different priorities depending on their company’s business model. However, it is hoped the course content can reflect the different needs giving members a choice in the way they approach the programme.

“As with trussed rafters, a more advanced on-line module is envisaged to follow level four in order to support the engineering principles that underpin the more advanced design levels which follow.

“The programme would be completed by a final level in which the trainee designer would develop both the floor and roof aspects of metal web through a more complicated design scenario such as a commercial development or care home.”

Look out for more news on TRA training in upcoming newsletters.

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