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New weather exposure technical card published

6th October 2023
Front page of TRA technical card with photograph of trussed rafter roof

The TRA technical committee has published new guidance to help members and their customers when engineered wood products have faced prolonged exposure to the weather due to site delays or difficulties.

Discussions between the supplier and their customer can sometimes become difficult in such circumstances and this new document is intended to provide an independent view in the most critical areas.

The document covers the range of engineered wood products provided by members including trussed rafters and metal web joists giving consideration to the risks that each is likely to face, and the impact the prolonged exposure may have on future performance.

It includes some advice about potential remediation where this may be possible, but ultimately the client and their building designer must be responsible for approving any course of action proposed.

Martin Cox of Donaldson Timber Engineering, helped draft the document and said: “This new guidance underlines the importance of the correct storage of our timber products to maintain their integrity. Although each exposure issue should be dealt with under its own merits, the document gives general advice to help members communicate and share critical product information with their customers to ensure safety is maintained.”

Click here to download the card.


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