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Pasquill's bespoke posi-attic solution

Pasquill, the largest supplier of trussed rafters in the UK, has created a bespoke posi-attic solution for an impressive 290 sq.metre five bedroom property currently under construction at Washingborough in Lincolnshire.

Working on behalf of Elite Timber Homes, Pasquill converted an original design using traditional attic trusses into a version incorporating Posi-joists. Manufactured off-site by Pasquill, the posi-attic solution was then delivered to site fully ready to be craned into position, supported by design drawings detailing exactly where each posi-attic truss was to be positioned.

Attic trusses are manufactured in a similar way to standard trusses, but due to increased loadings and their lack of full triangulation, normally they have large timber sections. The traditional configuration of attic trusses sees solid structural timber members used. However, in the case of posi-attics the bottom chords are replaced with Posi-joists, ie. a combination of the strength of a steel web with the light weight of timber flanges.

With their superior spanning capabilities, Posi-joists facilitate better design freedom, and are ideal for large room in the roof applications. The strength of a Posi-joist floor provides increased living space within an attic, thereby delivering maximum value to the homeowner. When it comes to the installation of pipework, services and in particular MVHR systems, Posi-attics offer unparalleled ease of access.

Fraser Hughes, Director of Elite Timber Homes said: “We worked closely with Pasquill’s design team in order to come up with this posi-attic solution. Converting the traditional timber attic trusses into a Posi-joist version has made things so much easier on site both from an installation point of view and from the perspective of positioning pipework and services. I would not hesitate to recommend Pasquill’s design team to supply other similar projects.”

Since posi-attics are manufactured off-site and craned into position, they offer distinct health and safety advantages. There are no manual off-loading issues to contend with because instead of installers having to access the bed of the delivery truck, straps around the posi-attics enable a crane to offload safely. Pasquill’s pre-delivery load plan also ensures that delivery vehicles are offloaded in the most time-efficient way.

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