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Pasquill scissor trusses

Scissor trusses manufactured and supplied by Pasquill are not only fulfilling their structural function, but have been left uncovered in order to showcase their aesthetic qualities. This is at a centre for artists currently under construction at Cove Park on the West coast of Scotland.

Within this development, where the scissor trusses have been installed, there are walls that are neither parallel nor perpendicular, and the roof design was very unique due to angled planes. This meant that no two trusses have the same dimensions, and with spans ranging from 2.5m to 6m, it presented particular design and manufacturing challenges. Indeed, the set-up time required for each truss was considerable for Pasquill’s Uddingston branch where they were manufactured.

Upon delivery, Pasquill provided the installer with a detailed layout, clearly indicating where all the trusses were to be positioned.

When completed, the new development will enable Cove Park to offer artists separate spaces for workshops, rehearsals, master classes and symposia. Groups and individuals working across art sectors are expected to enjoy facilities including a common room, communal kitchen, snug, accommodation units, studios, a library, offices and a meeting room. The scheme is situated in 50 acres of spectacular countryside overlooking Loch Long.

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